About me


An artist at heart many describe my style as creative minimalist. Whether taking captivating photos, designing a website, rebranding a company, or creating a corporate video that captures the essence of a complex, multi-faceted organization, I focus on making use of space, simplicity and beauty.



Graphic Design:

To grow your business and to thrive in your industry, average isn’t good enough. As a professional graphic designer I research your company, delineate your business challenge, and translate your message in a unique, compelling way. Your image matters and I will take your business from average to exceptional. I work with businesses in all stages and of all sizes to give their marketing materials a professional polish.


Video marketing is the most effective way to tell your company’s story. But not every cinematographer can capture your marketing message or set the tone in a way that sells your product or service. That’s my speciality. I work with companies and professionals who want corporate videos that deliver a clear, effective message, boost conversions and sales and deliver ROI.


Professional photography for your business is an investment. It can create a more professional online image, increase your company’s presence and sales, and boost your professional appearance.

As a professional photographer I provide my clients with photographs that are used as part of their visual marketing – corporate head shots, location shots, event photography, photos for posters, leaflets, brochures, etc.


Please do not hesitate to contact me, so that we can start your project today! 🙂

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